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B. P. 14
L-5201 Sandweiler - Luxembourg


Vision of February 23, 2011

During the proclamation of the Gospel, I was aware of a celestial harmony coming from the vault of the church. It was like voices singing. At the moment of the offertory I saw Mary dressed in blue and white at the centre of the vault and her heart was clear. Inside her heart, were Anna Maria with her three children. Mary\'s dress was completely covered with angelic crowns (the rosaries). While watching the scene unfold in front of her, Maria Anna came out of her heart and took many angelic crowns from her knees. Her three children were enchanted. I do not know if they were really understood what they were seeing. Admiring this scene were a group of pregnant mothers and they all received the angelic crowns from the hands of Maria Anna\'s three children. They tied the crowns (the rosaries) to their wombs. Once the mothers were wearing the angelic crowns, it was obvious that the snakes under their feet were no longer able to bite them because they clashed with the glorious cross. These mothers were so involved in the children\'s dance that they had not realised the danger they were in. Mary moved quickly. With a single step she reached the pregnant women and all these snakes immediately disappeared.

Mary hugged each of these mothers, clutching to their hearts. The light that came from Mary\'s heart spread through the mothers. St. Joseph came from far away with an ointment in his hand and he began to anoint the feet of these mothers because they were naked. Afterwards, he hugged Mary and hugged also Maria Anna Maria strongly to his heart and said these words: \"My heroic devoted daughter, you are protected from the High. Fear nothing, continue your mission.\" Saint Joseph then embraced Maria Anna\'s three children. He blessed them by making the sign of the cross on their foreheads. This sign of the cross was engraved as though it had been done by a hook. On their forehead there was a fire, like a log fire. After receiving this sign, the children became light and started dancing hand in hand with all the mothers. E. went in search of the fathers, and found them in a corner, kneeling down and kissing the ground. E. gently persuaded them to stand up and as if he already knew them, he gave every woman to her husband. At the same time St. Joseph embraced each bride and groom with love. Then he invited the grooms to stroke their brides\' wombs. At this display of sweetness and tenderness, the husbands rose. They were suddenly filled with a great and unexpected joy, so much so that they were able to follow St. Joseph\'s invitation. The moment they contemplated their wives\' wombs and saw what was inside they shouted: \"It\'s a miracle, a miracle.\" What a miracle life is!

Then all the angels made ??a circle around the couples and played them harmonious and heavenly music. Under the mothers\' bare feet there were hundreds of small flower beds filled with colourful flowers, exactly where their feet rested. After the communion, Mary and Joseph entered the centre of the circle and hugged and kissed. At that moment I became aware of heavenly scents. It is impossible to put into words what these scents were really like. Maria Anna finally moved, because she had been in ecstasy up to that moment. She went on to embrace her three children, joined St. Joseph and told him: \"You are the father of my children. From now on I want to dedicate them to you. They already belong to Mary but they need you too.\" After that, St. Joseph and Mary embraced Maria Anna and her three children. At the same time the arms of Mary and Joseph expanded to embrace all the mothers and fathers. It was as though their arms were endless. Turning once again to Maria Anna, Saint Joseph said: \"Do not worry, from now on I\'ll be the father of your children. Help them to discover my paternal love which will, in turn, lead them to the infinite love of God the Father. \"

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