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Who we are

The Society for unborn children

The \"Society for Unborn Children\" is a simple organisation of people united in Christian fellowship, whose mission it is to help men and women understand the seriousness of abortion and its consequences through prayer. In this way we hope to save their lives and take care of the fate of hundreds of unborn children. Supported by the teachings of The Catholic Church we already believe in life after death. This means that we further believe that there may be hope for the future of these unborn children who were not welcomed into this life and who died without baptism. Our aim is to spread the culture of \"life beyond life\", to raise the awareness of people with regard to unborn children whose life on earth was ended because of a miscarriage their parents were either aware or unaware of, and because of abortions and therapeutic abortions. The term \"unborn children\" also refers to the children who are still in the womb at various stages of gestation. They are precious gems to be protected in prayer.

Everyone who belongs to the Society has to commit to praying for the protection of these children, and undertakes to help those parents who have suffered bereavement and who want to be helped to overcome it. In most cases the help will be spiritual, bringing them closer to the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist. Through these sacraments, the souls of mothers and fathers who have been involved in an abortion can achieve peace through God\'s forgiveness, through the forgiveness of their children and eventually by forgiving themselves. This forgiveness will enable the parents of aborted children to start a new life, and the children themselves will be able to \"go beyond\", from \"Limbo\" to Heaven for eternity.


Our aims

  • To help prevent abortion through the promotion of prayer groups, so that as many children as possible at risk of abortion may be saved
  • To bear witness to the importance of prayer as an effective means in the fight against legalised abortion, the direct cause of the decline of humanity and all the suffering it is under
  • To give a voice to the millions of babies\' souls, who died as a result of abortion or of natural causes and who need the benefits of baptism to enjoy eternal blessing and the pacifying vision of their heavenly Father\'s face
  • To support and gently guide mothers from an awareness of what they have done towards conversion, confession and reconciliation both with God and with their unborn children
  • To bring mothers closer to their unborn children through forgiveness, prayer and Eucharistic worship.
    To accept the importance of Holy Mass and daily prayer
  • To promote the culture and practice of \"baptism of desire\" not only for children still in their mother\'s womb but also for those lost through involuntary and voluntary abortion
  • To promote the culture and practice of \"baptism of desire\" not only for children still in their mother\'s womb but also for those lost through involuntary and voluntary abortion
  • To promote the culture and practice of the prayer of Eucharistic worship, an atomic bomb of grace.
    To spread the devotion of Our Lady of Guadeloupe, protector of unborn children and the Holy Rosary
  • To increase awareness of the Angelic Crown of God and Mary the Mystical Rose prayers and devotion to the seven archangels
  • To spread devotion of the Holy Guardian Angels and the Archangel Saint Michael who defend the families involved. Also to everybody who has committed to this project in goodwill and faith.

Requirements for membership

  • To be a practicing Christian in both word and deed
  • To live in the Lord\'s grace through frequent confession and communion
  • To regularly attend Holy Mass
  • To recite the prayers contained in this booklet once a week
  • To complete an hour of Eucharistic worship per month
  • To baptise all the unborn children of the day at each Holy Mass through \"baptism of desire\".


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