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Messages about abortion

Here you find a selection of messages about abortion, received by the prophets, the mystic souls of our century.

ESULTANZA (Italy) 11th January 2008

Vision on unborn children

On 11th January 2008 was the first Friday of the month and a Mass for unborn children was being celebrated. During the Eucharistic liturgy I saw a great number of seraphim with slim bodies, a heavenly host full of light.
At the same time many lights, brighter than the sun, appeared. It is difficult to describe their brightness, nothing else can compare.
At first, they appeared to be tiny, but at the moment of transubstantiation they grew to almost normal size. However, I understood that they were not yet fully grown.
At that moment I was certain they were unborn children, my body felt light, as if I were flying, but I remained rooted to the bench because I definitely did not want to move. I could see every detail of their body and the whole chapel seemed to be an ocean of light.
I felt as though I had been plunged into an abyss and was undergoing the same experience as Isaiah when he was called to be a prophet. At that moment I wanted to disappear because I was become increasingly aware of the presence of his Holiness, the Holiest of Holies.

My eyes saw the King of the heavenly hosts, who was above all things and I felt like a drop in his ocean of mercy and all these lights were fed by his blood. This force became increasingly overwhelming and gentle but deep voice told me: \"your mission is the family, you will help to fulfil the plans in my Heart for the family. There will be many other helpers who are already living out their family lives in holiness. You should know that in these families in seemingly impossible trials from a human perspective, my grace can bring healing where sin has brought destruction because they have discovered that I am the Holy One.
They are starting from scratch, so the soil is fertile. I can create new, completely different lives for them. I can destroy and rebuild from the foundations. These families are stuck in a rut, they have been slaves to the evil one for many years, but now they are the holiest people because they do not trust in themselves and they feel crushed by their nothingness, allowing grace to come in and transform, regenerate and make them into ground softened by my power. This power works in their hearts and these ambassadors of the Word will be completely devoted to my will and will discover that doing my will means living in paradise, where every personality is completely fulfilled. Your eyes will see true miracles. I thank you for all you are doing and will do and for your gentleness to my Mother, now more powerful than ever. Can you see these children? They were sacrificed to Satan and now they are mine. They will be my seraphim for all eternity.
Every mass celebrated for them becomes a holy, living sacrifice, pleasing to my divine Majesty, by the power of my Son\'s blood. Every holy Eucharist brings a group of them into paradise. Make this secret of many abortions known. They are true seeds of death, but by the blood of my immaculate Son they become signs of life for eternal life. They are signs of life for their families, too, and for all murderous mankind. Through these tiny victims I create new families where there has previously been death. These little creatures have a journey of growth to complete in paradise. Your prayers will hasten that journey.\"


ESULTANZA (Italy) 19th May 2008

Vision on unborn children

After 11th January there were various simple, short revelations, which I would call almost childlike.
I see a small, but growing ball of light, called Maurizio, a cherub I am particularly attached to, because through him my mission as a godmother to unborn children started.
The first approach I had was in February when I baptised that child at dawn, realising that his mother wanted to abort him. At that moment the story of Maurizio started and from there the testimony of the monk and writer, Carlo Carretto and the prayer group Mary wanted with the rosary for unborn children on the 15th and 28th day of each month, I learned that the 28th is the feast of the Glorious Cross.
This cherub appeared simply, saying his name was Maurizio, the child I had baptised at dawn and for whom I had become a godmother. Afterwards I received other instructions which continue coming even now.
The first things Maurizio told were these words: \"Godmother, when you baptise unborn children you wake them up from their lethargy. When they receive baptism with holy water they wake up and see the Father, you cannot imagine what He is like: extremely affectionate, splendid, wonderful....It is a moment when you feel drawn by His gentleness rather than fearful of His greatness. Immediately afterwards they see their guardian angels and patron saint. The Lord shows them their parents and brothers and sisters, if they have them. From their the road to recovery and conversion of their parents begins.
I asked him, \"How can you help parents to convert?\"
He replied, \"with a great burden on their hearts, we gently bring to their minds what they have done. If they are distracted of indifferent, a sense of guilt arises in them. This process continues, it takes time, patience and a great deal of love. Godmother, our hearts are full of love. Wherever and however these children are killed, they always remain intact after baptism. When you name and place them (three unborn children) in the chalice at the moment of transubstantiation, they are dedicated to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and immediately redeemed in Jesus. Every one of them acquires the personality they should have had on earth. Their growth is slow but constant and with time their guardian angels and patron saints receive this growth from the Trinity and then they can make their own personal choices freely. If they are faithful in their choices they can become cherubim! There are different levels. Some of them serve the Heavenly Mother; others serve their parents; some work in favour of prevention. Godmother, this brings a great deal of happiness, tiredness, but with joy, an effort that makes us beautiful, radiant and with increasing clarity of God the Father.

On 9th May a friend of mine came to see me and told me the testimony of a mystic, a German mother called Maria. From her testimony I recalled words that prevented me from sleeping.
It was the same question I asked heaven: \"Lord, why are you showing me all this?\"
Jesus replied to Maria: \"Maria, you have a great work to do, these little ones will have the opportunity to see the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Spread the news of what I am telling you, including among priests. You will be met with incomprehension, but with time this will gain recognition and the joy of these little ones will be fulfilled. You can baptise them! Firstly, pray the Creed, then sprinkle holy water in all directions and say these words \"ALL OF YOU WHO WERE STILLBORN DURING THE DAY OR NIGHT. ALL OF YOU WHO WERE KILLED IN YOUR MOTHER\'S WOMB DURING THE DAY OR NIGHT OR WHO WILL BE KILLED, SO THAT YOU MAY HAVE ETERNAL LIFE IN JESUS CHRIST (here the collective name of baptism is given: Mary, Joseph, the saint of the day....) I BAPTISE YOU IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER AND OF THE SON AND OF THE HOLY SPIRIT\". God will pour the water of baptism over the heads of the baptised and will give each of them a name. Please understand, that each time you baptise, you can never do enough, but in this way you will be given the souls of the little ones for whom you have opened the gates of heaven. Finally, recite the OUR FATHER, HAIL MARY and GLORY BE. The merciful and overflowing love of my Father and our Spirit is manifested in this time of confusion and deviance, a time that needs a God and Saviour who has mercy on these children who have been killed. Always remember this love, give life to the words of the baptismal creed with the words of the psalm and words of mutual and grateful love! I will help you. The simplest souls can help these little ones and can baptise them! Continue to spread my words and do not delay helping these little ones, who continue to grow in number, before it is too late for them and you. Time is running out! Recognise your time!\"
This message received by the mystic called Maria pierced my heart and so every day I went to the holy water with a calendar, but I realised it was not enough. Then I cried out to heaven, \"I want to save you all. You are the Almighty, take these few loaves and fish and multiply them.\"
Yesterday, 20th May, I was in church for the celebration of the Eucharist. I had this cry for help in my heart from a great number of small lights and the church was full of saints and these small lights to the point where I could no longer manage to look at them all. When the chalice was raised during transubstantiation I saw that the chalice was gradually growing and in my heart I said, \"that is very little, it isn\'t enough\" and it then it became a stream, then grew from a stream to a river and then an infinite sea and I saw that this sea was full of blood, full of children immersed by their guardian angels and Patron saints. Mary was near the shore. She was great and raised above the earth\'s globe. Her tears fell into this blood and her arms stretch out to hold all these little ones.

ESULTANZA (Italy) 25th May 2008

Vision on unborn children

During the offertory I was rebaptising unborn children and at a certain point I saw the ampulla containing water grow. It grew to become a sea and all the children were immersed in the sea: there were a great number of them in a huge, pulsating heart. The more it was touched by these children, the more it grew and acquired the power of love, almighty power. In this pulsating heart I saw the \"Father\'s heart\", then during the consecration the chalice gradually grew and inside it, in the sea of blood, there was a pulsating heart with the words \"I am redemption for all.\" Looking up I could see another large heart which continued to blow, with the words, \"I am the breath of life\". When they received this breath the children got up and were given a white robe from a saint and the guardian angels wings were wrapped around them.

GLORIA POLO - Bogotà (Colombia)

Whenever the blood of a child is spilt it is a offering to Satan and gives him greater power. The soul cries out because it is a mature adult soul, even if the child has no eyes, flesh or body, the soul has everything. Its cry, while it was being killed, shakes heaven while a cry of jubilation and triumph invades hell. The devil has dragged mankind into his evil strategy, killing our own children. Abortion is the worst sin (voluntary abortion, not miscarriages) because it is the killing of children in their mothers\' wombs. Killing an innocent and defenceless child means giving power to Satan. We are under the control of the devil because we are spilling innocent blood!
A baby is like a innocent lamb without blemish. Who is the LAMB without blemish? Jesus. At that moment the child is in the image and likeness of Jesus! For this reason, when you kill a child you create a bond with the world of darkness. This act allows many demons to escape from hell and bring destruction to mankind. It removes a kind of \"seal\" that God has placed to prevent evil spirits from escaping. However, now those seals are being opened and demons are coming out like a horrible plague to persecute mankind and make it a slave to the flesh, sin and evil. It is as though we had provided a key to get out of hell. Demons escape: demons of prostitution, sexual perversion, satanism, atheism, suicide, loss of moral values... and the world becomes worse and worse.
Just think. How many children are killed each day? This is a triumph for the evil one! By the price of this innocent blood many demons escape from hell and they are free to roam around us! Our life gradually becomes a hell with every kind of problem, illness, and troubles that afflict us, which are none other than the actions of the devil, but we are the ones who opened the door to him; with our sins; with our sins we have given him permission to move freely in our lives.


Saint Faustina feels the pain of abortion (diary - n. 1275)

Sometimes Jesus asks some souls, who have offered themselves to his mercy, for suffering as reparation
16th September 1937 Sister Faustina explains:
\"At eight o\'clock I felt such violent pain that I had to go to bed immediately. I was writhing in pain for three hours, i.e. until eleven o\'clock at night. No medicine worked. My body rejected what I had taken. At times I lost consciousness from the pain. Jesus told me that in this way I was participating in his agony in the Garden of Olives and that He himself had allowed this suffering as a reparation to God for abortions. I have gone through this suffering three times now. I have told the doctor that I have never had such suffering in all my life. He said he didn\'t understand what was going on. Now I understand what this suffering is because the Lord himself has revealed it to me...However, when I think I may have to suffer in this way again, I trust in God. Whatever He gives me I will receive in submission and love. May I save at least one child from being killed with this suffering!\"

JNSR - Dozulé (France)

Extract from Jesus\' message to a JNRS - 23th February 2005

Jesus to JNSR: In the message of 2nd February, I announced that you have a new Shoah, another extermination is taken place before your eyes and you can\'t see it, you don\'t think about it, but it exists. It affects all my children and is taking place all over the earth. Heaven is asking you in tears to fight until it disappears forever. Amen.

I, the one true God, wanted you to be aware of this great disaster which is the cause of the great evils your world is going through. This information must be taken in all over the world, in all directions, north, south, east and west, like a cross, stretching out over this world that never stops violating all my holy laws.
You shall not kill: the entire earth is red with the blood of the innocent and the Word of God continues to be offended. Betraying the Lord in His holy law cannot be forgiven.

The eternal Father: children, who are alive since conception are condemned to death because of a human law voted in by a great majority. Like the condemnation to death of a bull in an arena, the child cannot react, the crime is perfect, being permitted by a satanic law. This vileness, where some see no wrong, dishonours the whole country.

Currently this evil is global; the massacre of the innocent is one hundred times greater than the five million victims of the Shoah. Life is a gift from God. Man is God\'s masterpiece. In this disaster, there is a rebellion against the holy will of God, so do not be surprised if the (natural) elements rebel and, in their way, honour God.

HILLE KOK - Volendam (Netherlands)

Message to Hille Kok on 1st July 2010

\"The earth is covered with little children corpses\"

My children... O, my children, what awaits you for having murdered all these children, committing all these mortal sins! How much the Father will punish you for this!
You have no sense of maternal love. The small child you carry in the womb is a gift from the Father that you should bring into the world.
However, you will have none of it, you don\'t want the child and you choose only your own pleasure, without accepting responsibilities.
How many tragedies and afflictions are caused by the murder of these children!
The Father cries when he hears these babies\' screams.
The sufferings these little ones go through are atrocious and you doctors are united in these death parties (ed. note: parties that support death) and you are becoming increasing hard of heart.
You no longer see children as God\'s creation, you consider them disposable products.
You have become wicked and insensitive doctors by acting in this way against God\'s creation. Think about what you are doing!
Your eternal punishment will be heavy if you do not convert in the holy sacrament of confession.
The earth is covered in the tiny corpses of murdered children and you are answerable for this. The Father goes through all the pain of these little ones, all these murders.

You have become murderers, godless, lawless, you do whatever people ask. You should save lives not end them.
Many are possessed by evil that causes them to carry out these operations. What satisfaction this gives Satan, the enemy of the Father, at the death of every soul!
You should therefore know that you are leading many people to spiritual death. If you do not convert you will end up in hell.
Stop killing children.
The Mother of God cries many tears over the bodies of these small lifeless children whose mothers do not even give them a chance, killing them in the womb.
Due to these base and vile acts you are falling ever further from grace. Your spiritual life is lose, ask the Father for forgiveness. He will still forgive you because his love is infinitely great. Do not wait any longer, do it now, otherwise it will be too late and your souls will be lost forever.
How sad and painful it will be. You will be cut off from the light forever for aborting one of God\'s living creatures.
Convert, pray the rosary and wear the small Cross of Love around your neck as protection!
The One who is Love loves you.


Hille Kok


Messages from Jesus 18.12.2009
I am the only Saviour, no-one apart from me can lead you to the Father. My name is \"the Lord\", the one who lives forever and ever. Pray for these unborn children, that they would not be taken from their mothers\' wombs. ..This grieves me greatly...I go through agony every day, I cry tears of blood over this generation that kills children. You children who love me, please comfort me.....offer me up these aborted babies, unwanted by those who wanted to get rid of them so easily. Offer me these children so that I may provide them with the love of which they have been deprived. Pray for these parents, who do not realize how much abortion is an act inspired by the enemy; they day when they understand this will be a day of shame, tears, remorse and desperation. The so-called \"wise\" people who legalize abortion, do not realize what they are doing; they are worshipping Satan... They will weep when I show them the enormity of their mistakes. (The Lord had already given me this message for those who distance little children from the Holy Eucharist). They think they have the truth, they imagine that their decisions are right but really they are looking only to be glorified by a godless people who praise them. I am the only one with the power to give and take life, no-one else. If you do not keep my Word or my commandments, you will pass laws that do not come from me, but from the one who has hated me from all eternity (Satan) and is thirsty for the blood of these innocent children. Your lives are obstructed by a huge plank, you are blind and you are leading other blind people. I came to give sight to my creatures, to bring them from darkness to light...You (those who vote for abortion) take my little ones to the depths of the grave...should I remain silent? Sons of the earth, arise without waiting any longer, for the day will come where you will have to give me account for all you have done. Come back to me, I will wipe every tear from your eyes, if they are sincere, I will pour the balm of peace into your hearts if you make amends for the wrong that was the done . There is no sin too great for me to forgive; my suffering would increase, if you doubted my mercy. Let yourselves be reconciled with your God. I offer you my forgiveness, so ask for it, do not refuse my forgiveness....By grace, do not close up, go and meet my priests, admit your mistakes and walk towards the light of salvation. I invite you make the best choice, which will lead you to my home of happiness. I love you, do not reject the love that is waiting for you. I tell you the truth: those who keep my decrees and trust in me will not perish.


Message from God to Vassula - extract from

messages 1988-1994

09.8.1988 Pray for these souls, victims of our era.
22.1.1990. I ask you to sacrifice yourselves for all those who worsen my wounds, seeing them killing their own children before they are born. Pray for the wombs in which these children are formed, but who forget them without even remembering their names.
05.8.1990. You know I have forbidden you to kill, O generation! How is it possible that you kill? Do you think you can maintain your innocence before me on the day of judgement when you have accumulated all these deaths of unborn children? I see frightful scenes from heaven. How I suffer seeing the womb that formed a child reject it and condemn it to death without name or regret. The womb that formed it no longer remembers it. I say to them, \"You can sharpen your sword, but the weapon you have prepared will kill you. Today you are not pregnant with a child but with your iniquity. You have dug a pit, only to fall into your own trap. You have evil designs but they will end badly. Your wickedness will fall back on you, as your own brutality will fall upon you\" (Psalm 7:12-16).
16.6.1992. I am a Father in premature mourning because I see how easily the world is prepared to kill rather than love. Unborn children are killed in masses every could I remain in silence? This is why justice will rise against all of this.
14.10.1994. Today Satan tempts even God\'s elect. This is why the tribulation is spreading over this generation which is building on innocent blood and amassing their inheritance on crime. This sacrifice pleases Satan.


On abortion

(11 Sept. 1975, the Mother of God):
\"Child, do not judge. It is the evil of all evils! Such is the evil of the world.
\"Even these receive the Bread of Life. You have to help atone!
\"There are so few who consider what it means to wrench a child from the flesh, a child which GOD endowed with a soul.
\"How it hurts the Heart of my Son, and my own heart, for I must answer for it! Let me call out to the whole world: oh, what I haven\'t done to keep you from this sin! These are sins against the Holy Spirit. So great is the offence: Death in the mother\'s womb!
\"It is by far much less than the love animals have for their young! Only the Act of Love can save!
(St. Joseph):
\"You can baptise the children that are not born.
\"The prayer will be beneficial for these little souls too.
\"(...) Consecrate them to the Mother of God.
\"I am Joseph, their adoptive father.
(Our Lady): 
\"It will be an honour for St. Joseph who offered so many sacrifices for my Child. He was sent as a saviour. He never once thought of himself, but only to save me and the Child. He worked so hard to earn our bread.
\"(...) He is (foster) father still. So offer your entreaties to him!
\"I want to offer up all (little souls) to the Light. In my Heart there is so much ardour. I am Mother of Grace, an honour granted to me by God.
\"Child, take some holy water, then take your Cross - the one with the indulgence for the deceased - and bless these little souls, and say with the heart:
\"The LORD bless you and keep you;
\"The LORD make His face shine upon you,
\"May He receive you in His irrepressible Love!\" 
\"They will be the same as innocent babies.
\"If the mothers knew what they were doing!
\"Every conception is the work of God!
\"Who has the permit to demolish the bridge?
\"They have lost all restraint, and they advance towards the abyss. However, not the baby! The day will come when they (the mothers) shall call out (to their children). But there shall be only silence! It is the assassination of one\'s own child, done stealthily.
\"It is a threat to the entire world! Woe to those mothers who do it lightly!
\"They will all be subjected to judgement.
\"Help them, that they may not fall into (the abyss)!\"
\"The FATHER WANTS TO BE MERCIFUL! For this reason you were shown this (Mrs. Klotz had just seen a vision of unborn children). He desires giving mothers the chance to atone.
\"Help the mothers with children in need, to impede them (from aborting).
\"Money is found for so many diversions. Use some of this money! Be willing (to help)! This work will bear fruit in one\'s own body. God is aware of the peril for so many and He thwarts it.\"
(Jesus, speaking on these little souls:) 
\"Help these mothers to make ATONEMENT, that they not be crushed by their sin! Love is a commandment that regards everyone. Don\'t stop at yourselves, otherwise you will remain alone. The time of great Mercy is coming; mercy that covers all, that is able to cover all. I shall remind you of these words. \"The ACT of LOVE is a passionate prayer for this time.\"


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