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Vision of April 16, 2008

Whilst the priest was celebrating the Mass for Maria Anna and her new mission, I saw all the saints come to the altar. The Holy Family was also there. Jesus appeared to be about 12 years old and you were close to his heart. Your children, especially C. were close to Mary´s heart.

Following the Mass, and thinking about your mission of the mother of all unborn children, I saw all the angels who supported you. You were suspended and you were looking all around while you were carried on the angels\' wings. While pursuing the Holy Eucharist at the consecration, as I often do, I baptised three children. The first child was named Maria Anna and here is the amazing thing: close to Maria was her mother Anna. Your arms were offering the little Maria Anna to the Father. I had also baptized F. and an angel all in white joined her, together with a figure of a woman with blonde hair that flowed over her shoulders. Also for E. an angel came and Saint E. was behind the angel, dressed entirely in white. This first Mass for your project and your intentions was characterised by the presence of all the saints, the angels and the Holy Family at this important junction in your life. At the end of the Holy Eucharist I saw all of you as one family with Jesus and Mary.

Vision of April 17, 2008

What I\'m about to tell you started last night: I saw a big bright ray of light in front of the exposed Eucharist. This morning when the priest said, \"the Holy Eucharist will be celebrated for Maria Anna and her mission\" he disappeared and in his place there was a big bright Host. In the centre of this big Host I could see you and your three children. Everything was wrapped in blue and you could only see Mary\'s face. From these great rays came arrows of light shaped like the Host. They struck many people: the people who were touched by these arrows rose again.
Some of these arrows were like daggers to the heart and blood came out where they had hit people. During the Eucharistic celebration I saw you and your three children illuminated by this light, and Mary with her arms raised continuously offering little globes of light. This continued throughout the mass. As this light reached people it grew brighter in a way that was beyond the capacity of my gaze. A moment later this halo of light with you, your three children and Mary was raised skyward and then went out. Rivers of blue light passed through your heart. Streams of blue light watered some bright crosses.

Vision of April 18, 2008

Since early that morning, everything had been dark. A little later, when I was in front of the Eucharist and introducing myself to the merciful Jesus, a great light overwhelmed me. You, Maria Anna, were in the centre of his heart with your three children and you were the only thing within the white rays of light. Little by little these rays of light reached the small globes. The unborn children were attracted by the red rays and this attraction led them to transform themselves from a small globe into a little angel. There were whole families with them and these rays transformed themselves into blood when they reached them. This enabled them to live as a metamorphosis, transforming them into a faded light. At the beginning of the Holy Eucharist when the priest said, \"for Maria Anna and her new mission\" I saw the heart of Christ over Italy. Behind Italy were several popes: Pius IX, Pius XII, John XXIII and John Paul II, all enveloped by a bright light. I realised it was divine intervention. Big wings were embracing Pope Benedict XVI and as the Pope widened his arms, I saw the Virgin Mary behind him standing on a globe, close to a cross. As the celebration continued I clearly saw an out-pouring of love onto all the continents, but particularly on Italy which was surrounded by such a powerful light that it almost blinded me. Inside Italy, there was a multitude of sick people who made the country even brighter. Under the globe the snake was completely crushed.

During the transubstantiation I saw Saint Joseph in a white ray of light. He embraced you and through this embrace, many other faces appeared. There were so many that it was impossible to say who they were. St. Joseph wrapped you in his cloak, and beside him was a great lily. Your three children were in the heart of this lily. At the end of the liturgy everything was transformed into a large globe with you in the middle. Mary bore in her hands a flag with a very bright cross ... everything went back to normal and the mass proceeded.  

Vision of April 22, 2008

I was in church praying when a beacon of light lit up Our Lady of Guadalupe, surrounded by lots of little globes of light passing into the hands of Juan Diego. From his hands the little globes went to the heart of Maria Anna.

There was a sort of gestation period in her heart and as it widened to take in more and more of these globes, they went towards some other lights and shadows which represented their parents. The little globes did their best to catch their parents\' attention.
What aroused the conscience of the parents who had killed their children was a light that spontaneously blossomed in their hearts showing lots of little hands begging for mercy. These hands touched these parents, who gradually became light. The lights were of varying intensity depending on the parents\' reactions to the grace.


Under the feet of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the crushed dragon was still trying to eat these small little creatures but could not succeed in doing so, because it was prevented by the silver rosary (the angelic crown) which was a salvation for the babies. This angelic crown protected them and they were able to save themselves. Following this they plunged into a large pool from which they returned to the surface completely transformed. They then passed into a fountain of blood and when they came out of it wings began to appear on each of them.
At one point I saw the Merciful Jesus rise up and with his white rays he struck the heart of Maria Anna completely emptying it. The moment the heart of Maria Anna was empty she turned into a halo of light through which she could bring blood and water to these parents who were then wrapped in a faded light waiting for their own regeneration in the grace. Beside them was St. Michael, the Archangel. He was piercing those who were trying to take these little globes. Once saved they could return to fluttering around the Merciful Jesus.

Vision of May 26, 2008

During the prayers of the faithful, I offered this Eucharist in my heart as a birthday present for Maria Anna. At the time of consecration I was \"kidnapped\" and I saw Maria Anna dressed entirely in white with a huge number of children around her. The more she embraced these children the more her heart grew, which in turn increased the potential of its action. When the priest lifted the cup, all these children were transformed at the touch of Maria Anna into various angelic beauties, all of who had a specific mission. There was a path lit up by a light and she showed the way to everyone. I saw that many children had gone into the houses. They were singing and dancing and had some musical instruments. The doors of these houses were open and they went in dancing and singing and all around was the smell of incense and roses. The little ones shook hands as if they were celebrating some special event that I could not understand. I was even more surprised when, at one point, everybody looked in the same direction, towards the Virgin Mary who was approaching them gently. The little ones then bowed to their queen.

Vision of August 28, 2008

During the Adoration I saw the big bright Glorious Cross, covered with Mary\'s body. She was dressed in pure white, with a golden band tied to her hips. She was holding her hands wide open. Behind the Cross was a big bright sun (the Father) and Maria was placed barefooted on a globe. Close to the earth was a large ostensory and inside the great Host I saw the face of Jesus, C., E. and F. They embraced the ostensory, and then they were raised and suspended like birds in flight. Under the ostensory I could see three hands holding it up (they were the hands of a nun, Maria Anna and B.). Clinging to these three hands was a sea of blood coming from the unborn babies. They threw the angelic crowns to their parents, but there were many couples who, although shaken by this rosary, did not dare look up. They were all huddled on their knees. Many angelic chains came from Mary\'s hands and they extended until they reached those angelic crowns laid down by the unborn babies. The seven Archangels followed all the other angels around the Glorious Cross.

Vision of August 29, 2008

This was the second Mass celebrated for Maria Anna and her Family. Above, Mary and St. Elizabeth embraced. Even their wombs were joined in this embrace. I clearly saw the foetuses of Jesus and John dancing, holding hands. C., E. and F. were dancing together and in one corner there was F.\'s womb dancing with the baby inside. F. (her husband) embraced her from behind. F. spread this dance in the sea of blood where there were unborn children.

The children got up and danced with Maria Anna who acted as if she wanted to teach them some dance steps. This dance, this sound, this joy that spread in Jesus\' blood shocked the unborn childrens‘ parents who were carrying the Angelic rosary. Finally, some couples looked up and recognised their children. They turned to Mary and asked her what she meant by the angelic crown. Elizabeth was holding many pamphlets to be distributed Maria Anna, F. and F. and each of them took one. A dance started among the parents who were holding this angelic crown. They raised their eyes. While they did not understand everything, they realised that they had a \"journey\" to undertake.

Vision of August 31, 2008

I saw the Archangel Michael. His feet were near St Peter and the Vatican was burning. A host of angels and archangels with swords were surrounding St. Peter and the Vatican and fanning the fire. Everything was burning. Underneath the structure of St. Peter\'s was the hand of St. Francis, who was near Saint Catherine from Siena, Saint Dominic and Saint Benedict.

Under this group of Saints were all those children who had been born. They were dancing and were accompanied by their waiting mums and dads. The wombs of the mothers had joined and their foetuses danced together. There was great joy and light, and it was really beautiful. I could hear some songs, the musicality and words of which are difficult to recreate. All the couples and pregnant mothers were surrounded and protected by the angelic crown (the rosary) which acted as a shield. Below the pregnant women were scorpions and snakes that were trying to attack their wombs. Thanks, however, to the protection of the Angelic Crown, they were burned and destroyed by the fire that was devouring the Vatican.
Below were Maria Anna\'s children, together with some other children. They had joined hands and were dancing. Maria Anna was the conductor of this feast and B. was at her side, plus some people unknown to me. Below, there were many couples who danced together in front of a large sign that said: \"We must prepare for the new dancing mankind\". Below these there were many young couples who were illuminated by a large heart that framed the scene. The picture was completed with copious bursts of Grace that descended onto all the parents and flooded the earth.

Vision of October 25, 2008

Entering the Church this morning, I blessed myself with holy water and I said, \"Lord, the Holy Mass this morning is for Maria Anna and her family.\" Then I started praying. Our Merciful Jesus and King of all Nations, appeared and in his heart was the world. Coming from his heart I could see lots of rays of mercy. He was in the middle of a large flowery garden. I saw E. who was gathering the most beautiful flowers. Maria Anna, C. and F. were looking astonished while the boy E. collected a bunch of colourful flowers and took them to his mother Maria Anna, telling her: \"You\'re the brightest mother in the world.\" Then he went back to pick some more.

Jesus opened his royal cloak and took the whole family under his mantle. At one point, Jesus turned and said, \"Here comes the Queen intermediary of all grace\" and we saw Mary dressed in gold, followed by a lot of small children dressed in white and gold. Jesus opened his mantle so that Maria Anna could look and contemplate.

Maria looked Maria Anna straight in the eyes and spoke to her with these words: \"This mission (the children watched) comes from Heaven. Give Glory to the Father by being faithful to your mission. Take care of His Glory and I will take care of your every need. What I promise is already happening. \"
Maria Anna burst into tears and understood everything. Mary embraced her and, watching Jesus, said again: \"Never doubt, this is the deepest wound that a sword can inflict to my Jesus.\" After these words, everyone started to dance and dance. Children wore the Angelic Crown (the rosary) around their necks.

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