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Vision of May 25, 2010

During the Elevation, I have seen many expectant mothers huddled over themselves, sad and anxious and Mary looking at them in a combination of tenderness and sadness.
Maria Anna, as she was called by Mary, joined the Heavenly Mother, took with her a basket of angelic crowns (the rosaries) and then put one around the neck of every mother. She embraced them all together with Mary, her arms outstretched to hold them all. Maria Anna said the words of St. Elizabeth \"why does the mother of my Lord come to me? The baby leaped in my womb. \"
C. arrived on tiptoe, dressed in white and started singing to the wombs of the mothers, saying to them \"come on babies, dance with me \"and I saw all the unborn babies shake hands and dance. At this, their mothers and the other mothers started ??to dance with their children and were full of joy. Maria Anna told them: \"Mary is helping you in all your troubles and I am helping you, too\".

Vision of August 21, 2010 

During the Transubstantiation I was totally immersed in a large terrestrial globe. At the centre of this globe was Mary who was crying. Her tears turned into many lights and everything that was touched by these tears underwent a real transformation: dead children rose again and parents who had recovered began to hope again. Every tear told everyone: \"Hope, hope I bring to the hearts. I bring hope to the hearts\". Everything or everybody reached by these words lived like a resurrection. I saw families who were taking very small children in their arms. I also saw that where there was death, there was also hell. The devil was laughing, glad to see so many parents under his power. In my heart I felt enormous pity. At this moment, while watching the parents Mary told them: \"Do not doubt my help. I am the mother of unborn children. They can rise to the extent that you are able to join them in prayer, with the conversion, with a path of true love for these children. Address yourselves to the many hospitals where there are children who have no parents. It\'s there that you need to turn your eyes so you can rise again. Visit orphanages and do for those little ones what you did not do for your own. Through my help you will rise to new life. Believe me, the Mother tells you this. She loves you and wants to save you at all costs from the infernal enemy. Believe my words\". Having said this, the tears continued to flow from her eyes.
In one corner I saw Maria Anna who faced this massacre of the innocents and shouted to Mary: \"Mother, mother what more can I do? You\'ve said that I am the mother of the unborn babies. Tell me what to do. Help me. I do not know what more I can do. Help me, help me! Then Maria Anna began to open her arms and said: \"Please answer me.\" Mary turned to Maria Anna saying: \"My daughter, do not worry. I will support you in your great work. Never forget, my child, abortion is like an infernal atomic bomb unleashed on the world. These people can not understand the evil they do, especially the innocent souls, young people who have no experience of a moral sense of life. Do not worry. Your Mother will help you, as will many others. My cry will be spread all over the world until finally someone hears it. I bless you my daughter with all kinds of blessing. I bless you for what you do, you and your family. I\'ll protect you forever and you must never doubt that. Remember, my child, that the infernal fight is becoming even harder because the enemy is angry with you. But do not fear. No one can touch you and I\'ll protect you from all evil. Remember it forever. In any battle you fight, with me you will be successful because of the glory of the Father. Every time we save one child, we take him to the Glory of the Father. Continue your mission. Baptise the unborn in the wombs of their mothers and you will see miracles with your own eyes, my daughter. May you be blessed for what you do. I will uphold you in your struggle but know that your road will be blooming with many, many flowers and you will bring light to so many families destroyed by this war of abortion. Keep reminding yourself of this my child and do not be discouraged. We are close and I\'ll always be there to help you.\" I felt this cry from my heart as if it had been from ripped it. Maria looked at Maria Anna with great tenderness and her tears turned into a smile. Words cannot explain what the smile of Mary meant, our vocabulary is too poor to describe it. It was both Heavenly and earthly at the same time. Inside this smile there was the tenderness of both divine and maternal love.

Then Mary hugged Maria Anna and turned towards the four cardinal points to bless them with her hand, saying these words: \"May you be blessed sons and daughters that put in your heart the prayer groups for unborn children or for those who, if they are born, are in serious danger because they are not loved. It will be your love that will turn their hearts to the altar of love\". Mary then moved closer to a little blue lake where there were a great many children immersed in water for bathing. Mary took them, cleaned them, then with a clap of her hands she called the angels to help the children to put on their white, pink and blue dresses. It was wonderful to see how tenderly the mother took care of these children by giving them all her maternal tenderness. While Maria took the children from this little blue lake, all the children who were entrusted to the angels and to their protectors turned into kids and everyone was heading in the same direction that our Mother had showed them. Then I realised that my eyes could no longer contain the length of the road the children were walking. At this point, it was all over. At the time of Eucharist, I saw Jesus smiling and watching with joyful bliss all those parents who were singing and praising the Father, and he moved closer to these families and blessed them saying, \"Grow and increase in number, to populate the land in holiness and love \".

Vision of November 26, 2010

My heart is now immersed in the Eucharistic liturgy. While celebrating the Gospel, I am alienated in my heart with the Word, \"this generation is looking for a sign but they will get nothing but the sign of Jonah.\"

I saw Maria Anna dressed all in light blue with a host of little babies around her and her three sons, E., C. and F. walking on a path that was illuminated by the angelic crown (the rosaries). Maria Anna followed them almost dancing and along the way they could clearly see on the road the words \"My Word is light in your way.\" This phrase came to life and it was also written \"Only love can transform hearts.\" The word Love showed me that St. Joseph was behind Maria Anna to protect her from some deadly snakes that wanted to strike her heel. One of these snakes was already approaching the foot of Maria Anna when Mary chased it away with her feet. Maria Anna didn\'t even realise the danger and continued to sing and dance. As she walked beside these little children who were on their way to their parents, she took them by the hand. Immediately their sadness and pain turned to joy. Then C. reached all this multitude of children dressed in all colours and suddenly flowers of every kind and colour bloomed beneath their feet, as if they had the ability to flower the earth with their feet. At one point I saw a vast field of flowers, so big that my eyes could not take it all in. The children began to sing heavenly songs and to make a big circle around Mary, the Mother. Mary was in the centre of this huge circle. The children were of many races and created a varied kind of dance with somersaults and small jumps.

The joy was great, and parents seeing all this happiness tried to join hands with each other but they were not able to succeed in doing this. It was E. who finally helped them. She went around the circle and helped everybody by joining their hands. It was as though there was an electric shock passing through their hands. The children started crying \"Mary, here is our godmother, Maria Anna!\" They all began singing. Maria Anna was so ecstatic that she did not notice all this was in her honour. Then I saw our Mother and made her gently enter the circle. She was dressed all in white and she was all light. At the end she embraced Maria Anna saying these words: \"My daughter you are the godmother of all these children\" and repeated to her the words of Isaiah: \"Fear not, you are mine, if you pass through waters I will be with you and rivers will not overwhelm you. If you walk through fire you will not be burned. The flame will not burn you because I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Saviour. I give Egypt as your ransom because you are precious in my eyes, and you are worthy of estimation. I love you. I give men for you, nations in exchange of your life. Do not fear for I am with you\"(Isaiah 43). These words shook me and I said to myself that it could not be Mary. Then I saw Jesus, in his infinite beauty in the Heart of Mary. Maria Anna knelt in hearing those words and slowly, stretched fully at the feet of Jesus and Mary and said \"here I am. I am your slave.\"


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