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B. P. 14
L-5201 Sandweiler - Luxembourg


Vision of January 5, 2009

This time the Mass was slightly different. Until the offertory nothing had happened, then immediately after I saw Maria Anna held up by two arms. She was on a shining globe with her three children who were seated next to her. Looking at those who held her, I saw that Saint Joseph had three lilies in his hand which he held up to her children. Maria Anna was dressed all in white and behind her there was a man who smiled and kept one hand on her shoulder. I don\'t know who he was. Looking further I saw there was a row of unborn babies that made ??a party for you! On one side I saw Mary, who was waving a big blue coat and trying to collect as many children as she could as they emerged from the earth. Maria looked at you and told you: \"It\'s time to be happy my child because the Mother will prepare a future that goes beyond your every wish. I am the mother of the lost children. My dear child, every tear shines like a star in heaven. Trust and rely completely on me, like the seed that you make in the womb. Your reward will be to enter Heaven. Continue your mission and don\'t be concerned about the number of those who follow. Be only concerned to love your God. Now that you can look upon him as a baby, please take him in your arms and cradle him with love. \"

Vision of March 20, 2009

During the Transubstantiation I saw Maria sitting and St. Joseph with Maria Anna in his arms, tiny and unborn. Maria Anna was like a foetus in the womb of Mary, from which she emerged and spread angelic crowns all around. Under the crowns there were three children. These were the children of Maria Anna who took the angelic crowns and slipped them into the sea of blood, where all the unborn babies were. After being touched by the crown and the breath of God the Father, these children grew to different heights. Small, large, young, old and there was a large inscription that said \"this is my people.\" In one corner of the sea of blood there was a man on his knees, looking down on the scene. At one point I saw many saints and many guardian angels, each of which took custody of the children transformed by the blood of Christ. Jesus was in the middle of the sea of blood with blood emitting from his chest.

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