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Testimony from \"Maria Anna of the Unborn Children\"

Following the wishes of my spiritual guide, I will summarise below the events that marked the birth of the project called \"The Society for the Unborn Children,\" which marked a turning point in my life and gave me a whole new purpose.

The first sign, which at the time I did not fully understand, was impressed in my soul in the spring of 2008. I was praying in adoration before the Blessed Sacrament exposed in the chapel of the Benedictine nuns\' convent in Peppange, Luxembourg. In the manner of a spoilt child, I had asked the Lord a thousand things before I realised that this was not how we should pray in adoration. I therefore remained in silence for some time and then I asked the Lord in absolute humility what he wanted from me, at the same time offering all my sufferings. In the holy peace of that chapel, the Lord made me feel this phrase in my heart: \"You will work for me.\" I did not understand anything, but felt a bit dazed and I left the chapel. I was overcome by a feeling of happiness, whilst at the same time feeling relieved and surprisingly content.

This adventure began on the feast of Divine Mercy in 2008, during one of my short trips to Italy to stay with my parents. Since a painful separation from my husband I often visit my family there with my three children during the school holidays so that they can experience a little love and serenity. Here in Luxembourg we are very lonely, we have been burdened with a tremendous amount of suffering. This suffering however, we try to endure through total submission to God.

Some dear friends insisted on inviting me to attend a prayer meeting that was to be held at the home of some people they knew. The subject of the meeting was aborted babies: the unborn children. You can imagine the doubts that encompassed me, given the fact that the argument had never previously interested me. Not only had I never been involved in the act, but like most people, it was a topic that I had never given much thought to. After some resistance and a period of discernment in prayer, I took the decision to participate. Right from the start I enjoyed praying with these people. In addition to the Holy Rosary and talking about the serious social evil of abortion, they read a story by an Italian writer. His name was Carlo Carretto and he was a monk. He died 15 years ago. His story is entitled \"The dustbin of the hospital\" and in it he tells, with wonderful poetry, of his encounter with the little angel of an aborted child. I was shocked to read that these children forgave and loved their mothers, despite the fact that they had been thrown away. What is more I started to get attached to these souls who had so much to teach us.

When I returned to Luxembourg, I was amazed that for the first time in a very long period I no longer felt the weight of loneliness. Moreover, during the days that followed a series of \"events\" changed my life.

The first happened one morning while driving my car to pick up my children from school. Suddenly I was \"hit\" by something that appeared to be a light, by a three-dimensional invisible feeling that came across my body so strongly that I had to pull the car over and stop. At that moment, it was abundantly clear to me that I should take care of the unborn children and of their mothers. The message itself was clear. What was not so clear was how or why I should do this.

That same day, during my daily prayers, I put down my prayer books to get a pen and paper and I began to write frantically, but was at the same time in utter peace. The result was a memorandum of topics that needed to be developed and a list of things to do in terms of unborn children and their mothers who had been involved in abortion. The ideas that I jotted down were not my thoughts. These were ideas that had simply, but inexplicably, been \"suggested\" to me.

I called my spiritual guide in Italy to obtain some comfort and to make sense of all this. My spiritual guide told me that this would become my \"mission\" on earth and that, in order to do this, I would have to fully commit to it. If I did this, I would heal other people\'s wounds and, in return, I would forget mine.

For a while I went out of my way to meet women who had had abortions and who, for whatever reason, came to tell me of their experiences, unconsciously seeking help. I also informed my other spiritual guide in Belgium of what was happening and he supported me too. This lead me to slowly and cautiously follow this incredible inspiration that had come into my heart.

At the beginning, I used my free time during the day and also worked in the evening when the children were sleeping. I found an enormous amount of fascinating information about abortion, as well as finding wonderful prayers. It soon became clear to me that I had to prepare material that could later be given to the mothers who I was helping, and to those that I would help in the future. This was confirmed to me by several people who I came across a little later.
My first task was to raise the awareness of those women planning to undergo an abortion. I had to make them aware of the consequences of what they were planning to do: to make them understand the gravity of their act and to offer them \"a way out\". This was, of course, by reconciling themselves with God, with their children (confession) and with the Eucharist. I had to make them understand that they had children, not only on earth, but also in Heaven, waiting to be loved. Of course they all wanted to know how they could do it. The answer was surprisingly simple: by remembering them, by giving them a name and by baptising them with the baptism of desire to ensure they get to Heaven, from where they could then intercede on behalf of their families on earth.

My first task was to gather material, so I started researching. It was like being guided down a path. I found all the tools I needed in the way of information, confirmations, tests, and people, to carry out this work so easily that it confirmed to me that I was on the right track.

One woman came forward and provided me with the opportunity to test my strategy. She informed me that something was telling her to reveal to me that she had had two abortions. As a result, I used her to prepare the experimental strategy that would allow me to help others. Even today, I consider this woman a precious pearl: without her and the miracles performed by the Lord that brought her to me, I would never have realised the potential of the project. Never.

During my travels in Italy, I once again met the family who had invited me to their house on the day of the Divine Mercy. It was where, for the first time, the world of aborted babies had revealed itself to me. At this point I should tell you a short story about this family ... the story in particular concerns the husband who, for some time, had been receiving gifts from heaven. These gifts came in the form of dreams about angels, that he had every night. Since the beginning of 2008, he had begun to see angels of different shapes in his dreams. They showed themselves as balls of light but were, in fact, the angels of aborted babies. Whilst seeking his attention, and the chance to tell him their tragic stories, they were, in fact, really asking for love .... simply love. The Virgin appeared to him in one of these dreams and asked him to recite a rosary for the unborn children. These had to be recited in particular on the 15th and 28th day of each month.

On the two designated days, the family invited a group of people to recite the prayer of the rosary for the unborn with them. I can personally testify what happened on one of these occasions, since on May 15th, 2008, I had the opportunity to participate in the meeting. I can only describe it as the most exciting experience of my life. The room where the rosary was to be recited was filled with the powerful aroma of incense, even though there was no incense in the house. We were told that this was how our angels expressed their joy at seeing us together.

During the recitation of the rosary, I watched as a succession of globes of light appeared in the air around the owner of the house. At the end of the rosary, each of us was asked to call out the names of the children for whom we had performed the baptism of desire in recent weeks. I remembered the names of Isabella and Francesco Pio, given to her unborn children by the first woman that I had helped. I nervously greeted them and, much to my surprise, two very small light-globes, of an indescribable intensity, lit up a few inches away from me. Soon after, the lights of many other children appeared. It was as though these other children were also asking me to help them find their mothers. I was moved to the innermost depths of my mother\'s heart. I decided there and then that I would dedicate myself to these souls, who I adopted in my heart. From that moment on, with each step I took, I felt the presence of these little creatures. I no longer felt alone.

I realised that prayer was the way to strengthen the project. It was a source of strength, the cement that held the bricks together. For this reason I wrote a description of our association of people, united by prayer, and called it \"The Society For Unborn Children\". Then I wrote a prayer booklet to be used in prayer groups which are being created at the present time in Luxembourg, Italy, France, Belgium, Greece and India. The next step is setting-up this website that will enable us to promote our work world-wide.

If we are to help these aborted babies we cannot afford to give up. We must continue our work and continue setting-up new prayer groups. Few people know that all evils and the decline of humanity, disasters and suffering are inextricably linked to this very grave sin. Moreover they do no understand that it is the leading cause of death on the planet. The only way to defeat it is through prayer.

I have put myself in God\'s hands. Only if he wishes the project to continue to evolve, will he make it possible for me to continue to help it grow, just like a child in the womb. Today I thank him for all my family suffering, because through this suffering and remaining in His grace I have received the gift of this mission. This mission has given me life, strength, laughter, joy and a sense of serenity towards my children, who are unaware that they are helping their mother.

I have often asked myself why me? I think I may have found the answer: one thing that joins me and my three children to these angels of aborted babies is the fact that we were all thrown into the dustbin. We also share the fact that none of us were lost! Whilst some of us are on this earth and others are in Heaven, we are all helping the Creator in our own way. I stopped asking myself questions, safe in the certitude that the Lord is pleased to use the most humble of tools such as myself. I have put myself in his hands like a child, knowing that only though humility and dedication will my life have a purpose. Now every new day greets me with the sense that I am helping others, hoping that my poor hands will always be filled with gifts that I can pass on to them.

I would like to thank all the people who have helped me along the way, supporting me and pushing me to go forward. Without them I would never have dared to continue along this incredible journey and achieved what I have. God bless each and every one of you.


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