Spiritual adoption

A practical, affordable way for everyone, which helps to save many unborn children, is to adopt them spiritually. Even if they do not belong to our family, we are all children of the same God and brothers in Christ. The spiritual parents should make their "adopted children" happy, by praying for them. Here are some suggestions:


What is Spiritual Adoption?

Spiritual adoption consists of personal daily prayer during nine months for a child in danger of being killed by abortion. This commitment is made with a public promise to God, in the presence of a priest and a congregation. Each person undertaking this commitment is doing so for the protection and defence of a child whose identity is known to God. Spiritual adoption is a form of expiation for the sins of infanticide, especially those committed by physicians, midwives, and nurses.

Who may make this commitment?

Anyone who has reached the age of reason may make this commitment. This includes children, once they have received their first communion.


To pray one decade of the Rosary every day for nine months and in addition to recite the prayer for the unborn child. You must also perform an act of penance or saying an additional prayer every day for the same period of time.

The act of adoption:

O Most Holy Virgin Mother of God, Mary, all the Angels and Saints inspired by the desire to defend unborn children, I firmly resolve to spiritually adopt a child whose name is known to God alone. I promise to pray every day for nine months from [MENTION DATE] so that the child's life may be spared whilst in the womb, and that she or he may live a just and righteous life after birth. I will fulfill this promise by praying one decade of the Holy Rosary, by performing an act of penance or saying an additional prayer. I will also say the prayer for an unborn child. I will begin all these things today.



Ask for a special Mass to be celebrated in your parish for "your" spiritually adopted child and do not forget to pray for the repentance and conversion of his parents.


NOVENA OF DIVINE TENDERNESS to protect children in gestation

(to be repeated for 9 consecutive days)

Eternal Father, who, with infinite tenderness for mankind sent your Divine Son Jesus to earth, grant me the grace to know your tenderness and let me be covered with it, so that I may live according to God´s will. Glory be.

O Jesus, Tenderness of the Father, who came to earth to bestow your tender mercy on men, grant me the grace to let me be overwhelmed by your tenderness so that I can live in hope of eternal salvation. Glory be.

O Holy Spirit, tender love that touches us from the Father and the Son, and that after the Ascension of Jesus into Heaven, moved by your tenderness for the men, you descended upon the Apostles and all the Church, give my heart a spark of this love, let me enjoy its ineffable sweetness and be docile to divine inspiration. Glory be.


O God, Our Father, who will eternally love us with infinite tenderness
and who sent on earth his only Son Jesus for our salvation,
deliver us from evil, console us with your grace in every moment of our
present life and at the end of our earthly days bring us to your home
in Heaven, in the splendour of eternal life, to enjoy your endless
paternal tenderness. Amen.

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