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I would like to dedicate this to anyone who offers to give their support to the mission of the Society for Unborn Children by founding a new prayer group. This contribution is invaluable in our work. Together we will be supporting a cause that involves the whole of humanity and one of the social ills in the world. This ill claims more lives than any war, epidemic or catastrophe: I am, of course, talking about abortion.

If you would like to create a new prayer group in conjunction with the Society for Unborn Children, this means that you are aware of the need for urgency in our work. If we are to clear the sin of legalised abortion from the world we need to intensify prayers at a global level. As you know, we are all responsible before God. Those of you who think the issue is none of your business because you have not had an abortion are merely pretending the problem does not exist. By closing your eyes you are, in fact, communicating your silent assent to the world and saying that this behaviour is acceptable. What is more, this silence has the devastating consequences that we see around us every day. We must not forget that legalised abortion is now socially acceptable and is being used more and more as a means of contraception.

Many small drops make an ocean. Each and every one of us can contribute to this cause and help fight abortion through the powerful weapon of prayer. In turn our prayers will also help to fight the dramatic indifference felt by most of humanity towards this silent mass murder.

If we pray, then God and Mary will do the rest!


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The spirit of the mission of the Society for the Unborn Children is summarised in these key points:

  • To SHARE the suffering of women who commit the crime of abortion. Through this act they become victims with the instability, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, etc. that follow.
  • To PRAY, through the mediation of Mary, advocate and co-redeemer of mankind, for the conversion and the salvation of souls who are involved in carrying out abortions.
  • To spiritually ADOPT the souls of the mothers who have had abortions.
  • To BAPTIZE with the \"baptism of desire\" all unborn children, both those still in the womb and those lost through miscarriage and abortion.
  • To INTERCEDE in prayer before God, to assist in the conversion and salvation of all the souls involved in abortion.
  • To MITIGATE the suffering of mankind constantly beaten up due to the serious sins committed repeatedly on earth, and most of all because of abortion.
  • To do APOSTOLATE creating and promoting prayer groups.
  • To ASSIST the mothers we happen to come into contact with by means of our humble and discreet help in healing their suffering.


Prayer of adoration

The prayer group should get together once a week where possible (or at least twice a month) for about one hour and a half. It is preferable that this takes place in a church or chapel where the Blessed Sacrament is laid out on the altar. In this way the prayer joins the precious moment of Eucharistic Adoration, a real bomb of grace, when all the generous souls gathered before the Blessed consolation give inner strength and loyalty to their commitment and the energy to continue tirelessly to support the cause of life. It is also possible to create prayer groups at home and for this you need to prepare a table with a statue of Mary and holy water.


Development of the group & materials

The total number of members of each group should not be too big to give everyone the opportunity to participate actively and equally in prayer. Furthermore, it is important to elect a group leader to ensure that there is one person who leads the group. It is also recommended, that the meeting begins with a short prayer song in praise of the exposed Blessed Sacrament and to close the end of prayers in the same way. At the beginning of the exposure, after kneeling and reciting the psalms of praise and the opening prayer of adoration, participants will be free to make a brief prayer of intention for a person / situation relevant to the mission. Everything necessary to carry this out will be given to the group leader.

The little prayer book of the \"Society for Unborn Children\" can be downloaded for free from the download section of this site or can be ordered free of charge for all participants of your new prayer group to our e-mail address:

Prayer book

The little prayer book \"The Society for Unborn Children\" has an introduction that explains the purpose of the mission, gives information about the founder and provides a form which can be photocopied, completed and returned to us by those wishing to join the project.

Here is a little summary of all the prayers contained within the booklet:

The psalms of praise to the Lord are an incredible tool with which we can thank God for giving us the opportunity of becoming actively involved in this mission.

The opening prayer of adoration (if possible, kneel to recite it) makes us humble before the Father, and to be even more united with Him and the heavenly court in our support of this commitment.

The Prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe reminds us that Mary is our advocate and that she can help us in the fight against evil.

The Prayer to the Holy Family enables us to devote our entire mission to Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph, who will accompany us along this path.

The Holy Rosary in honour of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the patron of unborn children, has profound religious meditations received from a privileged soul. It is dedicated to all mothers who have had abortions. The reading of meditations on each mystery before ten Hail Marys, will help the participants in the prayer group to understand more fully the turmoil of a mother who has aborted a child in her womb. During the rosary every person can spiritually adopt one of these mothers.

The Angelic Crown of God and Mary the Mystical Rose is a wonderful devotion that with the mediation of the seven Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Gehudiel, Sealtiel and Barachiel tells us to invoke the intercession of Mary for the return of Christ on earth. The Archangels will guide us safely along the path of personal purification that prepares us for the final days and will protect us from evil. Each of them is called upon to fight one particularly deadly sin. The seven invocations to Mary remind us that our advocate is constantly interceding on our behalf. Twenty-one is the number of the incredible promises made by God and is linked to this crown. The crown, composed of forty-nine beads divided into seven groups each of which is separated by a rose-shaped bead, ends with a Glorious Cross. An extract of the origin of this heavenly crown is provided to complete this devotion.

The petition to God to save the children who are at risk of being aborted is important to prevent other murders and to implore forgiveness for the people who commit this sin.

The invocation to the Archangel St. Michael asks for the help and protection of the Prince of the Heavenly Army to defend ourselves from evil.

The invocation to guardian angels teaches us to rely on their invaluable help. We often forget to call but they do not expect anything in return but our prayers and our requests to be able to help.

The Rosary of Divine Mercy, released by St. Faustina Kowalska, helps us to ask for God\'s mercy on behalf of humanity.

Prayer to Jesus Christ in the womb of the Virgin reminds us that the human being exists from the first spark of conception.

Prayer for unborn children is very useful to implore great graces through their intercession as martyrs.

Prayer for miscarriages allows us to participate in the sorrow of those parents who have lost a child before birth: mothers and fathers who are in great need of spiritual support to face their suffering and not to wrongly attribute it to God.

The daily baptism of unborn children uses a prayer given by Jesus to a German woman. She was the humble mother of several children and was much admired for her heroic strength to suffer with joy. She was also a woman who offered the courageous acceptance of pain and sacrifice for the salvation of souls and glory of the Holy Church and is considered one of the highest mystical souls of our times. The Lord showed her the earth covered with millions of aborted children and revealed to her the urgency of performing the baptism of desire for them in order to open the doors of Heaven to them.

The psalm of praise that concludes the prayers reminds us that the Lord keeps his promises to protect us.

The final prayer of adoration (you should kneel to say this). It reminds us how small we are, unable and poor. It enables us to say goodbye to the Lord on the altar with dignity, leaving our hearts the \"prisoner\" of the Tabernacle. In doing this, we remain in perpetual adoration, asking for the strength and the inspiration we need to pursue our mission. Our mission never sleeps and becomes an integral part of our lives. There is always someone who needs our help, to be baptised.

IN THE FULL VERSION ON SALE (5 € each) you find also:

The final section of the book contains the texts of visions of the angels of aborted babies. It shows us that love always wins. This love is so strong that it will break any barrier, invade any place, win over any heart, open all eyes, and transform hearts of stone into hearts of flesh.

The booklet concludes with some messages received from God about abortion by some privileged souls. They all confirm the relationship between the decline of humanity and the sin of abortion. The work that we are all involved in, praying together will help to defeat this terrible crime.



Through this active contribution of prayer to God we can help our brothers and sisters. We will share with them this God of mercy and forgiveness that \"lives\" in our hearts, when they are transparent in their loyalty and conformity to the Divine Will. Let us be the \"channel of communication\" for God\'s love for mankind. We were all born to help one another in an endless chain of love. The majority of mankind do not respond to this task and it is for this reason that we must love as many of our brothers as possible.

Thank you for your support, God bless you!


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